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About Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a small city in Colorado, USA, situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and 60 miles north of Denver International airport. Windsor, Loveland, and Greeley are some northern Colorado cities near Fort Collins.

Pedestrian Mall View - Old Town Fort Col by JoeInSouthernCA, on Flickr
“Pedestrian Mall View – Old Town Fort Col” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by JoeInSouthernCA


With a current metro area population of 168,538 as per the United States Census in 2022, Fort Collins community is one of the most populous cities in the state of Colorado and the county seat of Larimer County. The average family size in Fort Collins, Colorado is 2.6 people. Fort Collins is situated on the Cache La Poudre River about 160 miles (260 km) north of Denver.

The city of Fort Collins was founded as a military outpost of the United States Army in 1864 and later became a trading post for settlers. The city gradually became a commercial center for agriculture, light manufacturing, education, and high technology.

The Fort Collins City Council is the governing body of the city. The council consists of seven members, including one mayor and six council members.

Fort Collins is one of the vibrant communities in the northern region of Colorado. It is home to a variety of businesses that are growing rapidly. The city also has an excellent transportation system that includes bus service, bike lanes, walkways, and an airport with flights to major hubs across the country. It also offers many parks and outdoor recreation like camping and shopping at its many malls and communities.

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast and you’re into a brewery tour, you may have heard about the city of Fort Collins, Co. The city has become famous for its craft beer scene, with more than 30 local breweries and brewpubs in town. It’s easy to see why; with an array of local beers on tap at every bar and restaurant, there’s always something new to try. Many people who visit Fort Collins don’t even make it out of their hotel room without trying a new beer!

The city is also home to the nation’s first Certified Cicerone Beer Server Program, which allows students to earn their certification as master beer servers. With this certification comes knowledge about how beer styles are brewed and how they should be served.

Four of the most popular breweries in Colorado are located in Fort Collins City: New Belgium Brewing, Odell Brewing Company, Funkwerks, and Horse & Dragon Brewing. These four breweries have won numerous awards for their beers and have become household names throughout Colorado.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University, also known as CSU, is a public research university located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It is the flagship university of the Colorado State University System.


The school was founded in 1870 and has been serving the state of Colorado ever since. The Fort Collins campus is home to over 30,000 students and offers more than 150-degree programs. The university has three branches:

  • The main campus in Fort Collins
  • A branch campus in Pueblo
  • The Global Campus in Denver

What To Do When Visiting Fort Collins

Fort Collins, in northern Colorado, is an ideal weekend destination for a Colorado getaway. With its flourishing art scene, romantic restaurants, and quaint parks, the city offers so much to do and see that you’ll be convinced to stay longer than you planned. Fort Collins is sure to please any traveler, from hiking trails to brewpubs and everything in between.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Fort Collins is known for its natural environment and many outdoor activities. If you plan to visit this beautiful city, then make sure to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. The park offers many attractions and activities to enjoy during your trip with your family and friends.

The park has over 400 miles of trails that can take you through forests, mountains, and meadows. There are numerous hiking trails available within the park, which include Bear Lake Trail, Emerald Lake Trail, Lumpy Ridge Trail, or Balancing Rock Trail, depending on where you want to go. You can also enjoy horseback riding or bike riding on some trails within the park.

You will find camping facilities at various locations within the park if you want to stay overnight while exploring this beautiful place full of natural wonders. The park also provides excellent opportunities for fishing enthusiasts who wish to catch their dinner while enjoying nature’s beauty around them at night time when the sun goes down behind mountains and trees begin swaying gently under breezy winds from nearby mountainsides.

In addition to its incredible craft beer scene and educational opportunities, Fort Collins is also known for being one of the best places to explore hiking, horseback riding, and biking trails. The city of Fort offers many tourist attractions and is surrounded by mountains and has over 700 miles of trail systems within its borders—so no matter what type of outdoor activity you’re into, there’s something here for everyone!


Hiking trails in Fort Collins are great for beginners and experts alike. One of the most popular hikes is called “The Rock,” which is about 3 miles long and offers views of both the city and Poudre River Valley. If you’re looking for something more challenging, try out “Mt. Falcon,” which has a 1,200-foot elevation gain over 5 miles and has panoramic views of mountains to the north and east.

Horsetooth Reservoir also offers opportunities for boating, fishing, camping, and hiking (and more). The reservoir is located just west of downtown Fort Collins and can be accessed by the public at several different trailheads along Horsetooth Road.


Bikers will love how close they can get to nature while enjoying some city sights along the way! There are plenty of bike paths throughout town, including Estes Park and the one that runs alongside the Poudre River downtown Fort Collins, which makes it easy to stop by different breweries along the way!


Loveland Ski Area is a ski resort in Fort Collins, Colorado. The ski area is one of the largest in the state and offers over 400 acres of skiable terrain with a vertical drop of 2,400 feet.


Today, kayaking along the Cache la Poudre River is one of Colorado’s most popular outdoor activities. The river is surrounded by lush Rocky Mountain forests and mountains, making it one of the most scenic places you’ll find anywhere in the country. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely paddle or something more challenging (the rapids!), there are plenty of spots along this river where you can spend hours exploring and enjoying nature at its finest!

Arts and Culture

Fort Collins, Colorado, is known for its beautiful natural landscapes and the arts. There are several ways to get involved in the community’s cultural life, from the many museums to the thriving music scene.

There are several museums in Fort Collins that cover topics such as art and history, including:

  • The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
  • The Broadmoor World Arena Museum at The Broadmoor Resort & Spa
  • The Fort Collins Children’s Museum
  • Fort Collins Museum Foundation Gallery

Colorado Brands That Got Their Start in Fort Collins


OtterBox, a company founded in Fort Collins in 1998, is known for its waterproof, dirt-proof, snowproof, and drop-proof cases. These cases protect cell phones from damage caused by water, sand, dust, or falls. The cases are inspired by the Colorado lifestyle.

New Belgium Brewing Company

New Belgium Brewing Company, which began as a microbrewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 1991, has become one of the most notable names in the craft beer industry. In addition to their original brewery, they have opened up locations in Asheville, North Carolina, and Downtown Denver at The Source Hotel.

Big Shot Bikes

Big Shot Bikes allows you to design your bike down to every color and part with a fun, easy-to-use tool on the website. When the bike is shipped from their Fort Collins shop, it comes with a fixed-gear cog and a freewheel single-speed cog, so you can choose whether to ride as a fixed-gear or single-speed bike at any time.

The North Face

This hiking gear company started by a couple of students from Colorado State University has become an international brand with over $2 billion in annual revenue.

Oracle Corporation

A software giant founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison, Robert Miner, and Ed Oates. It’s one of the largest computer technology companies in the world, with over 100,000 employees and revenues exceeding $40 billion. The company makes many products, including database management systems, enterprise resource planning software, and cloud computing platforms.

Since its founding, the company has been headquartered in Fort Collins; it also has offices in San Jose, California, and Redwood Shores, California.

Fort Collins: Homeland of Foothills Home Inspections

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We’re a locally-owned business and proud to serve the local community. Home inspections are essential to any home purchase, so we ensure they’re done right. We’ll go through every inch of your new home, looking for signs of wear or damage and ensuring you know what you’re getting into before making a big commitment.

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