The Colorado Home Inspector

Colorado is a beautiful place to live. The region has a lot to offer, from the mountains to the plains. But if you’re moving up here from another part of the country, or even another part of Colorado, you might need to learn about all the things that could go wrong with your new home.

In Colorado, it’s not just the weather that can be unpredictable. The housing market is no exception. If you’re looking to buy a home in this area, you want to know everything about it. You want to know how old it is, what kind of repairs it might need, and whether or not any dangerous features could harm you or your family. That’s where home inspectors come in.

More than 5,000 certified home inspectors are combined in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins Co. That’s a whole lot of eyes on your home’s insides.

But it’s not just about how many home inspectors in Colorado; it’s about their level of experience and expertise. Some licensed Colorado home inspectors have been working for over 15 years, significantly longer than the national average of 10 years. And they’re not just newbies: 86% of our inspectors are also Certified Professional Inspectors (CPI), meaning they are licensed home inspectors in Colorado and they’ve passed an exam with a 70% or higher score.

In this article, we’ll talk about home Colorado home inspectors and their experience and expertise. We’ll also get an overview of what a certified inspector does during the property inspection Colorado process, including how long it takes and what kind of report you should expect after the inspection.

What Does a Colorado Home Inspector Do?

A Colorado home inspector is an individual who is trained to do a thorough inspection of the condition of a house. It’s the seller’s or buyer’s choice to hire an inspection company. The home inspectors of colorado examine a property’s condition and assess its suitability for residence use. The construction inspections may be for a variety of reasons, such as:

-to provide peace of mind to buyers or sellers

-to identify potential issues that may need to be addressed by the property owner before the sale or purchase.

-to provide an assessment for insurance purposes.

-to provide an assessment for resale value.

Aside from a very thorough inspection, knowledgeable and highly recommended home inspectors provide detailed reports about the entire process and whether there are minor or several issues found in a timely manner.

The Different Types of Inspection Services in Colorado

Colorado is a great place to live and work, but keeping your home in tip-top shape is also crucial. Whether you’re looking to make repairs or want to make sure the house you’re renting or buying is safe, a variety of home inspection Colorado can help you out.

Colorado Home Inspections:

During the complete home inspection, the inspection company will look at all aspects of the property, including its structure, electrical systems, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, roofing, insulation, ventilation, and more. They’ll also check for any signs of pests or other damage. After the inspection, they’ll provide a detailed report outlining any issues they found and their recommendations for addressing them.

Radon Testing Colorado:

Radon is a natural, invisible, odorless, and tasteless radioactive gas that can seep into homes from the ground. Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and has been linked to other diseases such as lymphoma, leukemia, and bone cancer.

While it’s true that many homes have low levels of radon, the EPA recommends taking action if your indoor air test results show 4 pCi/L or more.

Some of the benefits of radon testing are:

– It can help save lives by detecting high radon levels before they become dangerous.

– It can help reduce exposure to children living in homes with high radon levels.

– It can help prevent long-term health problems like lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Well Water Testing as Part of Colorado Home Inspections

Water testing is a vital part of Colorado inspections. It is an important home inspection part and should be included in your overall property inspection Colorado. This water quality testing will help you determine whether any contaminants in the water supply could cause health problems for you or your family. The house’s water being inspected must be tested for lead, bacteria, and other contaminants.

The test also helps prevent contamination from spreading into other areas of your home by identifying leaks in pipes or other plumbing connections before they become serious issues.

The EPA recommends that homeowners test their water at least once a year. This is because well water can contain chemicals such as nitrates and arsenic.

Sewer Scoping Colorado

Testing and sewer scoping is a standard part of Colorado home inspection. Sewer scope inspections is a process that helps to determine the extent of damage within your main sewer line, and it can help you decide whether or not you need to have the entire pipe replaced.

In sewer scope inspection, the inspector will take a sample from the property’s main drain pipe and send it off for analysis. This analysis will tell you how much mud and other debris has been deposited in your pipes and whether any metals or chemicals have leached into them from your soil or groundwater.

If there are cracks or holes in your main sewer line, there will be leaks in those areas—and they’ll get worse over time if they aren’t repaired quickly. The longer they go without being fixed, the more expensive it will be for you to contact them for fixed later (because there may be more damage than initially thought when we do our initial assessment). This means that early detection of these problems is crucial for homeowners who want to save money on repairs later on!

Pest Inspections:

Pest control inspection is a critical component of property inspections in Colorado.

It’s a thorough inspection to determine whether there are any pests and, if so, the extent of their infestation. This includes thoroughly examining the property’s interior and exterior and any nearby areas that might be affected by an infestation (such as attics or crawl spaces).

The certified inspector will also check for evidence of previous infestations and treatments, including signs like insecticides or other chemicals in hard-to-reach areas. The inspector will also check for any traces left by pests—such as droppings or nests and identify any pests that have been identified previously but remain on the property.

In addition to identifying current infestations and treatments, an inspector will also look for potential problems that could lead to future infestations. This includes things like uncleanliness or clutter that could attract pests; cracks or holes in walls or foundations that allow access; insecure doors or windows; poor ventilation; excessive moisture levels; and poor lighting conditions (which can attract insects).

HVAC Inspections:

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are essential home parts. They are responsible for regulating the temperature in your home, keeping it comfortable and safe. When your HVAC system is not working correctly, it can cause problems with your appliances and furniture and increase utility bills. A professional HVAC inspection will help you to determine if there are any issues with your system and whether or not it needs repairs.

In addition to checking the performance of the HVAC unit itself, a home inspector will also look at all of its components, including ductwork and vents. They will assess whether any leaks or damage has occurred over time which could lead to further issues down the line. They will also check out doors and windows for proper operation so that airflow is not blocked by improper installation or material failure.

Roof Inspections:

Roof inspections are a crucial part of property inspections service in Colorado. Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, and it’s often only when something goes wrong that you realize how important a good roof can be. That’s why it’s important to have a professional inspect your roof and ensure all is well. They will check your roof for any issues, including:

-Cracks or holes.

-Missing shingles or tiles.

-Leaks, which could be caused by damaged flashing or missing shingles/tiles.

-Visible signs of wear, such as missing granules on asphalt roofs or moss growth on wood shake roofs.

The Importance of Hiring a Local Home Inspector

When you’re thinking about buying a home in Colorado, it’s essential to do your research. A good place to start? Hire or look for local home inspection companies. 

Local inspectors are uniquely positioned to give you the most honest and accurate picture of any home’s condition. You can contact them or schedule online inspections and they can respond quickly as they are in the local area. 

Foothills Home Inspections has a deep understanding of what’s happening in the community right now—whether it’s housing trends or what kinds of issues are common in specific neighborhoods. That kind of insight is precious when it comes time to buy a home because it allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right place for you. We know the area, its history, and how things were built back then—and that knowledge can be invaluable when it comes time for you to make an offer on a new place.

Foothills Home Inspections are certified professionals and have been around in this business since 2015. It is locally owned and operated by Daniel Johnson. We provide professional home inspection services in all Larimer County towns:

Fort Collins (our hometown)





Other nearby counties such as Weld and Boulder

How Long Does a Home Inspection in Colorado Take?

You may wonder how long your inspector will take to conduct a home inspection. Well, that depends on several factors. The size of the home, the house’s age, and the home’s condition are all factors that can affect how long an inspection takes.

Home inspectors typically spend between two and four hours inspecting a home, but it can take longer depending on what’s involved with your particular property. For example, if there are multiple floors or buildings on site, this could add more time to your inspection and more time to write up reports later.

Inspectors usually estimate inspections beforehand, so you know what to expect ahead.

How Much is a Home Inspection in Colorado?

The cost of a Colorado home inspection varies based on the house size and the type of inspection being performed, but you can expect a Colorado home inspection to cost between $350 and $500 for standard homes that are 1-3 stories tall and less than 2,000 square feet for a thorough inspection.

Inspections that include an infrared scan or termite inspection will be more expensive. If you want to buy an older home, consider requesting additional services like radon or asbestos testing. These services are not required by law, but they can help ensure that your new home is safe and sound.

A Home Inspection is an Excellent Way to Protect Your Housing Investment

As you consider purchasing a new home in the Colorado area, it’s essential to know that it’s in good condition and meets all your needs. With a home inspection, you can rest assured that what you’re getting is exactly what you want.

A Colorado home inspection is not only a very thorough job but also an unbiased and objective service. It will give you a comprehensive picture of the property’s condition in its present state. You’ll get a report with photos, recommendations for repairs or improvements, and an estimate for the cost of these repairs or improvements.

A home inspection can help you avoid costly surprises after moving into your new home. A thorough examination will reveal any problems that need to be addressed before closing on the sale, so there are no surprises when it comes time to move in!

Foothills Home Inspection in Fort Collins, Co: Colorado’s Best Home Inspections

If you’re buying a home, you want to make the right choice. At Foothills Home Inspections, we provide professional home inspections and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 90-day limited warranty inspections.

We are proud to be locally owned and operated. We provide Colorado’s best home inspections and we adhere to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI®) Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Our certified home inspectors are trained to evaluate any home’s condition in Colorado confidently. Get the easy-to-read home inspection report back to you within 24 hours of the completed inspection.

If you’re looking for home inspectors in Fort Collins Colorado or in nearby cities, check out Foothills Home Inspections. We offer prelisting inspection, new construction, builder warranty, multi-family, and homebuyer inspections. In addition, we also provide radon testing and sewer scoping services to give you the complete home assessment possible.

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